1. CSA Subscriptions and Produce
    CSA Subscriptions and Produce
    Fresh naturally grown produce, available direct from the farm or farmers markets.
  2. U-Cut Christmas Trees
    U-Cut Christmas Trees
    Find your perfect Christmas tree and fresh greenery from our 10 acres of trees
  3. Farm Tours
    Farm Tours
    Come visit our farm, learn about how we grown our produce and experience a bit of farm life.

It's the time of year to start planning and planting.  Check out all our options for buying produce.  Information about our programs and locations can be found on the CSA page.
This season our produce can be purchased at Molalla Farmers Market, Thomas Creek Produce, NV Feed, Weekly drop in Oregon City and at the main farm (Snowline)

​​CSA Subscriptions
​Weekly Basket of fresh produce 
​Special CSA only produce 
​Customized Baskets,
​2 Extra produce Baskets after market is over
​Christmas Tree during our U-cut season.

Farm Dollars
Pre Purchase at a discount
Good at Farmers Market, Thomas Creek Produce & the Farm
​Up to 20% off 

Canning Shares
Pre Purchase Canning Vegetables at a discount
$110 for 100-125lb of Canning produce
Some produce is interchangable with others 
(tomatoes, cucumbers & tomatillos) (peppers & beans)
Be first on the list to recieve canning vegetables when it comes available



Locations for Produce:
Snowline Farm - 39098 S. Sawtell Rd Molalla
NV Feed - 603 W. Main St. Molalla
Molalla Farmers Market - 523 E. Main Street  Molalla
Thomas Creek Produce - 11900 S. Dart Rd  Molalla

CSA & Farm Purchases
CSA Subscriptions Now Available
 CALL NOW  (503)333-0168