Christmas Trees

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Through December 23 
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Noble Fir
If you think about the "Christmas Tree smell" this is the tree.  Nobles have a heavier Christmas smell to them.  They have the strongest branches of all the Christmas trees.  Our trees are not sheared so have a layered open look to them.  In most of our trees you can see into the trunk in several places.  A few trees grow full naturally and a few of them are wild so whether you want a lightly groomed tree or a wild crazy tree we will have a noble to fit you.  Our nobles are also the tallest trees we have.  Most years we will have a few that are pushing 20'. 
Doug Fir

Doug Firs are sheared every year so they have a very conical shape to them.  Because they are sheared they are full and ornaments will lay on the top and not hang inside the tree.  Shearing also makes the limbs very weak.  They will not be able to hold ornaments that have any weight to them.  Doug Fir has a light almost citrusy type smell to them. 
Grand Fir

If you like a tree with lots of fragrance a Grand Fir is your tree.  Most of our grands are sheared every year so they are full and have branches that cannot support a lot of weight.  We have a few that showed promise as a more layered tree so we let them grow naturally.  While the branches are not as strong as a noble they can hold a little bit of weight from ornaments.  The have a layered look to them instead of the typical bush look that most grands have.  A small Grand Fir can smell up your whole house.  Grands tend to be a more fragile tree and we suggest getting them a little bit later in the season (after Dec. 1st).  We also suggest you be vigilant in checking your water everyday.