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Waiting For Spring

Tuesday, February 21, 2017




  1. New Year's Resolutions
    03 Jan, 2019
    New Year's Resolutions
    Who all makes New Year's resolutions?   I do, every year.  And fail every year.  This year, I'm keeping it simple.  Do better at keeping my social media up and write more letters to my son.   He is currently stationed  in Vicenza, Italy.  My resolution for my son comes first.  I'm a horrible Army Mom. I don't write very often and not good at sending lots of care packages.  I get busy and all of a sudden a couple months have gone by.    Social Media, that might be a tough one.  I need to remember
  2. Hi Ho,Hi Ho, Still off to the field we go
    12 Oct, 2018
    Hi Ho,Hi Ho, Still off to the field we go
    This beautiful weather we have been having is deceiving.  I'm finding it hard to believe that we are almost half way through October and I need to be thinking about Christmas trees.  But here I am still making the daily.....well almost daily now....trek down the hill to the Thomas Creek Produce stand.  Now that the weather is not so hot and most of the produce is done the biggest job, watering has been eliminated from my daily routine.  This summer the daily filling and hauling 3-4,00 gallons of
  3. Not even July and I've got corn that's knee high!
    24 Jun, 2018
    A Catch up of Farm Life
    It has been a very long time since I have posted.  As much as I know I need to do it, social media is not my strong suit.  I need to get to it a lot more.  I actually like writing and have notebooks everywhere.  It's the being timely and consistent that kills me.   So what's up on the farm??? Things are growing like crazy.  I am amazed at how well things are going down on Dart Rd at Thomas Creek Produce.  There are cucumbers coming on, in fact I found one to snack on while I was down there.
  4. Still Waiting for Spring
    05 Mar, 2017
    Still Waiting for Spring
    Watching the flakes softly falling from the sky.........really?????? I am about done with this.  The good thing about facebook, or not,  is that I can go back and see what I was doing a year ago or several years ago at this exact day.  For many of them I was planting, tilling or busy outside working on things that need to get done.  This year? I am yet again watching the snow fall.  I guess cabin fever is hitting a bit hard right now.  To be honest though, there are some years with pictures of