How We Grow
Our produce is grown using natural methods.  We use no chemical fertilizers or sprays on our plants unless there is a case of extreme pest issues.  We will then use a spray that is certified for organic use.   We believe that crop rotation and maintaining a healthy soil is the key to growing great tasting produce. 
What We Grow
We try to grow a wide variety of produce and are willing to give anything a shot.  The farms elevation limits us somewhat on what and how long we can grow.  Although we are getting better every year at expanding our offerings and the time frame we grow them in.  We like to grow several varities of each type of produce and concentrate on heirlooms whenever we can. 
Every year we typically grow:
- Beans
-Brassicas (cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage etc.)
-Greens (Asian, Kales, Mustards, Chard)
Where We Sell Our Produce
Our produce is available for purchase
-From Snowline Farm  We do not do u-pick at the main farm
-Thomas Creek Produce  U-pick avaiable at this location
- Molalla Farmers Market   Thursday 3pm-7pm 
​-At NV Feed in Molalla (same parking lot as Hot Shots Coffee)

New This Season​
Farm Dollars
A weekly comittment of a CSA subrscription not for you?  Try our Farm Dollars.
- Purchase in increments of $100.  Sold Jan 1 - April 15  
​- The more you purchase the more you save. 
​- Farm Dollars are good anywhere we sell produce
​- Farm Dollars are good for Produce, Canned Goods, Eggs,               Baked Goods, Christmas Trees, Greens, Plants.  
​- Farm Dollars are good through December 31.  
​- Farm Dollars cannot be used for beef or discounted items.  

CSA, Canning
& Farm Dollars